Stories featuring Louise

A Q&A interview with Louise in The Atlantic’s Ideas column about her coverage strategy, product and technology work.

Career Conversations: An audio interview with Louise about her broader career by the Yale School of Management. (Transcript here.)

Inside the Newsroom: An audio interview with Louise about the Future of the Media

NiemanLab stories on Louise’s WSJ teams building reusable reporting tools, new story formats and focusing on younger audiences.

Digiday on Louise’s team overhauling the WSJ comments experience. Columbia Journalism Review on Louise’s leadership lifting WSJ paywall during coronavirus.

Digiday and WAN-IFRA on The New York Times’ live video project, which was led by Louise.

Poynter on how Louise’s NYT team reported stories with audience participation. This approach was honored by The Online News Association and it was used in a key interview for a journalism project awarded the 2017 Pulitzer for International reporting.

Yale University article on a talk by Louise about digital strategy at The New York Times.

Reviews of Louise’s film “The Kleptocrats” in the Daily Beast, New York Post, Deadline, Hollywood News and The Wire.

Columbia Journalism Review on Louise’s “United States of Subsidies” investigative reporting and data work. National Center for Business Journalism on the Barlett & Steel award for the project. NPR featured Louise and this project, as did MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

Naked Capitalism on how Louise’s “Towers of Secrecy” investigative project was “a big impetus” for scores of regulatory reform around LLC’s, real estate and the art market. 

Louise was one of the leading reporters who covered the 2008 financial crisis. She has been interviewed extensively about including by NPR, C-Span and PBS.