Louise is a seasoned masthead editor who has run coverage across all general news and features topics and has worked at a senior level overseeing all major content types (text, audio, video, graphics, photo). She loves a great story, she excels at helping editors nurture reporters and focus them in the right parts of their beats and she is effective at deploying the right parts of the newsroom as news of the day develops.

Louise’s editor roles have been both operational — overseeing ongoing coverage — as well as strategy-setting roles. Operationally, at The Wall Street Journal, she served among a handful of senior editors who rotate as the editor in charge of the full newsroom on weekends. She also day-in and day-out managed multiple reporting teams and coverage projects including a digital magazine focused on issues of interest to young people during the pandemic, a guides site focused on careers and personal finance, rankings franchises, newsletter content and reader-response stories. In terms of coverage strategy, Louise has experience planning big events like election coverage, weekly planning experience, skills in evaluating resource investments and partnerships.

Louise guides the short-term with long-term media strategy in mind.