Media Strategy

Dating back to her MBA studies and years as a media/advertising beat reporter, Louise has a deep interest in where the media industry is going. She focuses on questions like : how news companies should adapt their distribution, content and products to meet changing audience needs; how technology is changing news production and consumption; how to reach new audiences and how to think about converting casual readers into subscribers.

Louise brings her multi-disciplinary background — reporting and editing in text, video, audio as well as technology and product experience — to answering these questions and more. She has been integral to comprehensive strategic reports at both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and at both outlets was involved in leading transformation projects. (At The Times, Louise led a live video initiative tied to audience growth on Facebook, and at The Journal, Louise was responsible for leading the full newsroom’s digital transformation as well as a redesign of its brand-wide product, design and engineering teams.)

At The Wall Street Journal, the results of Louise’s strategy leadership includes The Journal’s audience more than doubled following her news and product plans and Google search traffic increased by 80 percent. And when The Journal was awarded the Online News Association’s top honor, the General Excellence Award, in 2019, Louise was singled out for recognition in the onstage remarks. That was the first time The Journal had won the General Excellence award.

In 2020, Louise led The Content Review, a comprehensive study of the WSJ’s content and audience opportunities.

In 2016, Louise worked on the audience/content workstream of The New York Times’ 2020 pre-planning work. And in 2013-2014, Louise co-authored The Times’ Innovation Report, which NiemanLab has called “one of the key documents of this media age.”

Louise is frequently been a speaker on industry panels about the future of the industry. She accepts select consulting where she sees she can help content companies change their trajectory to grow.